Beyond #MeToo – When is My Employer Legally Responsible for Sexual Harassment?


Last October began a series of seemingly countless revelations of sexual harassment committed by powerful elites in Hollywood and Washington.  The #MeToo campaign that spread virally in response to the spotlight on these powerhouse circles’ misogynistic cultures has shown the nation that no occupation is immune to exposure and that such behavior will no longer be tolerated.

The campaign, which has revealed the ubiquity of sexual harassment, lends the question when is your employer liable for sexual harassment in the workplace?  Sexual harassment is bullying or coercive behavior, both verbal and physical, of a sexual nature that is unwelcome or inappropriate. 

An employer is always legally responsible if the harasser is your supervisor and can make decisions about your job such as whether you are fired or demoted for refusal to submit to sexual advances.  If your harasser is someone else, such as a co-worker or a non-employee, your employer may still be liable.  If your employer knows about the harassment or should know about it due to a hostile work environment and fails to take swift and corrective action, you may have a claim for sexual harassment against your employer.

You may bring a claim against your employer for sexual harassment even if you have not been fired or demoted.  Additionally, you may have a claim if you left your job due to an intolerable, hostile environment that no one would be expected to endure.  Sexual harassment at the workplace should never have to be endured.

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