Office Holiday Parties can be a great opportunity to celebrate a year of hard work with your co-workers. Maybe your company is footing the bill for a nice dinner and drinks or a full-fledged party with an open bar and dancing.

Everyone loves a good party, but you must remember that on Monday, you still work with those people, in a professional environment. Of course, your company wants you to have a good time, but there are limits to everything (and social media is forever).

If your company sends out a pre-party warning email, read it. That type of correspondence is likely sent because someone had a little too much fun in the past. No boss wants to have to issue a reprimand or worse, terminate you because of actions at the holiday party.

A recent Forbes poll showed that sixteen percent (16%) of employees know someone who has been terminated due to their behavior at a company party. Some common issues involve sexual harassment complaints, disgruntled employees getting into fights, and inappropriate remarks to co-workers. Today, many of these occurrences will instantly show up on social media and no company wants the world to see irresponsible behavior from an employee.

Have fun, dance crazy, bring a silly present for the gift swap, have a few drinks and eat too many desserts but do not cross any lines that will have Human Resources knocking on your office door!

Happy Holidays!

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