Every other year we get to enjoy a glorious two weeks of constant Olympic coverage. Since the 2018 Olympics are in PyeongChang, South Korea and that is half a world away, most of the truly live coverage happens while we are all sleeping.  So maybe keeping up with all the action requires a little [or a lot of] work-day live streaming?

That practice may be fine, unless your employer has rules about internet usage or wasting time. Knowing what the rules are is always key. Many employers have taken the choice out of the employee’s hands, as they simply block websites that are not approved for use during the work-day.

However, we all have cell phones and, if you are willing to use your personal data, you can probably by-pass the company internet restrictions. This is probably not the best idea.  Your employer has implemented internet restrictions because they know that your productivity will be altered if you access unnecessary internet sites.

So, while your company may not have a rule that says, “do not live-stream television at work,” they probably have rules about internet usage, equipment usage, and general time management. I love the Olympics just as much as the next person, but I will keep my binge watching to nights and weekends (and a few sneak peaks at the medal count during the day).

Do not let two weeks of excitement cost you your paycheck for the rest of 2018.

Attorney Marquie Young

Marquie Young is an Associate Attorney in Humble Law LLC’s Nashville office. Marquie can be reached via email at marquie@humble.law or by phone at 615-800-3041.

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