Everyone loves a dog at work, right? Not necessarily. Before you bring your pup into the office, make sure you have covered these topics with your boss first.

  1. Pup-friendly – Most offices are not dog-friendly. There are cables, boxes, and equipment that could be potentially dangerous to them. Check out your space and establish that your dog will not get hurt before bringing them in.
  2. Office Lease – Does your company lease your office? Ask the landlord or reread the lease to make sure it is ok to bring Fido in.
  3. Coworkers – If one of your coworkers suffers from allergies, make sure that they are ok with dogs in the office. You do not want to make your coworkers sneeze all day!

If your office gives you the all-clear to bring your dog into work, these tips can help avoid coworkers’ pet peeves.

  1. Pet-free zones – Some people may find a dog licking their feet distracting, especially during a meeting. It is key to set ground rules on where pets are allowed and where they are not allowed.
  2. Limit the number of pets – Dogs are great and having one or two in the office can help relax people on stressful days. 20 dogs in the office may be too much. Do not turn your office into a doggie daycare.
  3. Come prepared – Whether your dog needs a certain toy to relax or is known for having the occasional accident, bring everything you could need. You do not want to be that person who does not clean up after their dog.
  4. Walk time – Take your dog on regular walks to help burn some energy! Your coworkers may not enjoy your dog jumping all over them.

While some companies may have policies against pets in the office, it is important to know your rights regarding your service animal. For information on registering your service animal, visit Service Dog Registration of American.

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