While an employment contract may seem like a promising opportunity from an employer, there could be hidden terms and conditions that could affect your employment. Before signing an employment contract, it is important to have an attorney review the relevant documents and keep your best interest in mind. Our employment lawyers are prepared to help you navigate your contract review.


You probably spend the majority of your day in the workplace. At no point should you expect to feel unsafe, uncomfortable, threatened, or prejudiced against while at work. Unfortunately, instances such as these occur more often than you think.

In representing employers and employees, there are common complaints that are generally received across the board. We can handle any type of discrimination matter effectively, helping protect our clients’ rights from start to finish.

If you have been the victim of discrimination, or any form of harassment within the workplace, it is important to consult a legal professional immediately.


Employment Contract

It may be helpful to consult with an attorney pertaining to any information that may be included in your employment contract.

  • Compensation, including bonuses, incentives, and commissions

  • Stock options

  • Benefits, including retirement plans

  • Change in control (CIC) provisions

  • Overly restrictive noncompetition clauses

  • Severance pay provisions

  • Job description/duties

  • Relocation expenses

Non-Compete Agreement

Non-compete agreements often have stipulations that could prevent you from working in your field should you leave the company at some point. It is important to consult with an attorney regarding your non-compete to prevent any future issues.

  • May prevent you from working in your field for a considerable amount of time

  • Often protects the company, not you, from any future loss

Severance Agreement

Although they are often offered after your termination, you should have an attorney review the agreement before it is signed to make sure that it does not leave you vulnerable.

  • The potential for giving up any later right to sue for discrimination

  • Offering fewer weeks of severance than the employer is actually liable for

  • Prohibitions on ever reapplying with the same company

  • Potential tax ramifications

  • Releasing the employer from liability, leaving you vulnerable to potential lawsuits

  • Canceling your deferred compensation or stock options

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