In Alabama and Tennessee, employees work “at will”. This means an employee can be fired at any time and for any reason, or for no reason at all, as long as the reason for the firing is not illegal. A termination can be illegal if you:

  • Were terminated as a result of job discrimination
  • Have an employment contract with your employer and you were terminated in violation of this contract
  • Have what’s known as an implied contract, in other words, you don’t have a written employment contract, but you and your employer have come to a verbal agreement on continued employment
  • Were fired because you were a member of a union
  • Were fired for refusing to work in an unsafe workplace
  • Were terminated because of a pregnancy

If you have been the victim of discrimination, or any form of harassment within the workplace, it is important to consult a legal professional immediately.


To be wrongfully terminated is to be fired for an illegal reason, which may involve violation of federal anti-discrimination laws or a contractual breach.  It is also illegal to fire an employee because they lodged a legal complaint against the employer, or because the employee brought the employer’s wrongdoing to light as a whistleblower. Such adverse actions are considered “retaliation” and are unlawful.


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