By now, everyone has seen a sexual harassment story, on the news, online, in the paper; these stories are multiplying rapidly.  Allegations and admissions involving Hollywood A-listers, producers, sports figures, and even political officials have gained media coverage.  We have seen lost sponsors, delays in TV production, and even a request by Kentucky’s Governor for voluntary resignations of anyone involved in such behavior.

The sheer volume of those involved is shocking, but we all should know that what we see in the news is only a tiny percentage of this behavior.  In workplaces around the country, similar acts are going unreported every day.  Not being famous, should not leave someone without a voice.

Having public figures stand up against their attackers is great, and in many instances, may give others the push they need to stand up as well. However, there is another element that may be feeding this culture.

Gender discrimination has also made a media splash lately, albeit much smaller.  Rent the Runway CEO, Jennifer Hyman has said that gender discrimination is the larger issue over sexual harassment and it’s not being addressed.  There has been some coverage related to laws requiring transparency for salary reporting, and stories of female executives and actresses fighting for equal pay.

The issue of gender discrimination does not end with equal pay.  Having equal respect and opportunity is paramount.  The overall workplace culture must be repaired so that women are only judged on the merits of the work.  Maybe if this issue is addressed, the rest of the changes will follow.  In the end, a higher level of respect is necessary to correct gender discrimination or sexual harassment.

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